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Matcha Green Tea Powder

Beauty Benefits of Matcha Green Tea Powder

What are the beauty benefits of Matcha Green Tea Powder? It’s no secret that green tea is a powerful yet soft and gentle antioxidant suitable for all skin types. Listed in many skin care products as Camellia Sinensis leaf extract. Products containing green tea extract make an excellent alternative for people with potentially sensitive skin. Green tea has astonishing anti-inflammatory properties which help treat rosacea and acne.

A Green Tea On Steroids, that’s Matcha Powder. Matcha Powder is made from shade-grown and stone-ground leaves. The result? A fine powder enriched with antioxidants. These production methods ensure that you get 100% of its benefits. From EGCG to ORAC Units this powerful green tea will perform miracles on your skin.

An article on Research into the health-promoting properties of green tea, featuring Dr. Stephen Hsu, a cell biologist at the Medical College of Georgia Department of Oral Biology Studies stated that the exposure of EGCG to skin cells that were dying concluded in skin cell reactivation.

Cells that migrate toward the surface of the skin normally live about 28 days. By day 20, the cell basically sits on the upper layer of the skin getting ready to die, but EGCG reactivates them”. Said Dr. Hsu. I was so surprised.

These findings are fantastic! If exposed to EGCG the old cell found in the upper layer of our skin are able to reactivate and energize the skin cells that are dying, then we found the fountain of youth!

beauty benefit of matcha

For those skin-soothing claims? Imagine what Matcha can do for you.

The health and beauty benefits found in Matcha Green Tea Powder are truly remarkable. One of our favorites ways to rip the full beauty benefit of Matcha is to use it in form of a mask. Making your Matcha Mask has never been easier. We really liked the Tree Active Anti-Agin Matcha Mask. This pore refiner, natural moisturizer did wonder for our skin.

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